World Domination With Cgroups

After reading the original Red Hat blog article about v2 in RHEL 8, I decided to “save” the complete series on my “read later” surrogate list aka this blog post.

Part 1 – Cgroup basics

Part 2 – Turning knobs

Part 3 – Thanks for the memories

Part 4 – All the I/Os

Part 5 – Hand rolling your own cgroup

Part 6 – cpuset


The Three Musketeers (in AAA)

I still like to use the triple A acronym due to its simplicity (!). Not easy to forget. In the context of this post I will state that AAA = Authentication and Authorization. For the sake of accuracy I will also point you to the exact meaning as explained by Techopedia.

Nowadays with the cloud and as-a-service (aaS) paradigm, web2.0, web3.0 applications, APIs, services and/or microservices there comes the three musketeers (in AAA). Everybody heard of them, heck, some (if not all) webdevs are in a close friendship relation with these three musketeers.

Without further due, let’s introduce them: OpenID, OAuth and SAML. Well, yes we did hear about them but why are so important to worth writing this article? Even though they fight for the same cause, each one is doing it in its very own way and a lot of confusion happens. Here I share for myself and others some good resources to explore and help lift the confusion:

If you mention the names of our three musketeers on YouTube, you will be rewarded with some nice videos like this.