Dropbox updates

I’ve been quite ignorant about it like a true “modern” cloud services consumer. Well, this weekend I managed to catch up a little bit with them. It looks like there’s both good and bad news. The good news is: our data is now hosted on Dropbox’s own storage infrastructure (out of AWS where it was originally hosted). Yes, I missed that announcement. For me as a data storage professional, the details of their Magic Pocket architecture are quite interesting from a technical point of view. I’ve been reading before about somewhat similar approach (implemented by other provider/vendor). Now the bad news is about their ideas for future. They call it “Project Infinite” and you may read all the glory details here. Why I call it bad news? Simply because I share most of the views already expressed by other people on their page comments section. I’m already uncomfortable with Oracle’s VirtualBox kext. I don’t need more.


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