How hard is it to change the old habits?

Well I guess it pretty much depends on your personality, your will, but also on the type of people around you. People around me? Hmm, that is funny you may think since it’s always been you who decided (outside the work environment) whom shall be that lucky ones. Now what habits are we talking about here? Well I guess those associated with the word geek. I admit, I am a moderate geek myself but I’d like to retain this ‘label’ (it’s not something bad after all). In my opinion, it goes as difficult as you make it, for the others to accept you as you are, for whom you are. My personal strategy is to widen this “others” concept by trying to meet new people, make new friends and be more social. As easy this might sound, it really isn’t, and ironically I feel like these internet based technologies (social media and IM for example) are to blame in part. People feel more “secure” and comfortable behind their screens in their own home or whatever then going out there and interact with each other directly, the old fashion way. It somehow reminds me the movie Surogates. Is this making any sense to you? I hope not since this is just a bored man’s lamentation. There are also other factors when it comes to building new connections/friendships – things like: appearance, conversational skills, humor, charisma. Why is this even a strategy? Simple. Imagine this scenario: you’re at home, it’s about 21:00 and you feel like going out to hang out a bit somewhere. You check your IM contact list and ask some of them to join you. Negative. You open your mobile and try some contacts over there too. Same result. Well, if those 2 contact lists would be longer, don’t you think you might had a better chance to find somebody who also feels like going out? and this way avoid the usual vegetation in front of your laptop/TV a.k.a. old habits. These being said, I want to let you know that I registered with CS today. What is CS? Just another acronym. It stands for CouchSurfing an international community of “others”. Enough with my deviant thoughts. I’m going to bed now. Good night.


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