A New Hope…

What is this? It’s my fresh post (blog update) on this new home. As my friends will notice, DacBlog just became alive here on WordPress.com
It’s a new year so I felt that I’ve got to start changing something from the very fist day. A new hope is also the name of the first film from the famous Star Wars saga and is the best title I could start with. Moving from one platform to another (from Blogger to WordPress) it felt just like a child’s play since both are supporting import/export (including comments). I had to do just some minor adjustments like converting tags, creating new categories and (the most annoying task which I discovered during this process) changing the share button inside the posts. Of course I did this only for my late posts since there is not much of an advantage for me having it in the first place. The last thing I shall do now is to update some external links in order to point here although I will leave the old blog in place (just in case). So here it is my new hope, a new beginning, a new challenge and/or just another WP blog post 😉


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